"the Ballads of Pumpkin and a slice of Watermelon"

..a doodler, hideous Goblin, full-time dreamer, and a failed lover.
What's left from him is the ability to draw little imaginary monsters.
He despises his memories, but they haunt him forever.
..forever and ever.


"Curious Alice & Know-it-all Roy"

a collab i did a couple years ago with my friend, Lena http://linazainal.tumblr.com/
she wrote the story, and i just draw em all.

Hipster Odinson. ;p

some commissions i did at Super Heroes Day Jakarta last week. :)

"Okay.. this looks bad"


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Tony Tony Chopper
Ronri the Hart/Buck wearing @gazellemerch ;p
My Neighbor Kumaro. ;p
Ororo Munroe

another MARVEL’s fanart.
to be honest, i dont like the character.. she’s kinda snob.
but well, she still fun to draw. ;p
t = 7

original art credit to: xo

original art credit to: xo

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Anonymous asked: Are you the person who made this? /post/54369607324/party-poison-the-fabulous-killjoys

yep. hope you like it. :)

"I know its useless.
but i hope you do.”